AFRIKA KORPS FORMAT - BPA Classics PBeM Tournament

1.    BPA Classics is proud to host the BPA Afrika Korps PBeM Tournament. The plaque will be officially provided by the BPA. All games will be AREA rated. After each round the results of all games will be reported to the AREA technician by the GM.

2.    Entry Qualifications: Members of the BPA, Associate level or higher, with an email account, access to the World Wide Web and personal possession of a 'hard copy' of the game.

3.    The Afrika Korps game is the Scenario. No special rules or conditions apply.

4.    The tournament will use single elimination format. Play Balance is not an issue with Afrika Korps. The masters of the hobby have acknowledged for years that Afrika Korps is balanced.

5.    Match Assignments will be made by AREA Rating. The higher rated players will be grouped and the lower rated players will be grouped. The first round will randomly pair a higher rated player vs a lower rated player and brackets will be developed  as in tennis. Players will advance through later rounds via the brackets. Un-rated players will begin at the base rating of 5000. There will be no byes - an eliminator will be assigned to avoid byes. Click for the BPA GM Guidelines.

6.    NOVICE PLAYERS. Please do not feel you are being "fed to the wolves" when you draw a highly seeded opponent in your first game. We all learned to play by getting our heads handed to us by a more experienced player. As a service to novices, some good players have volunteered to explain tactical maneuvers and mistakes that you may learn about the hard way. This coaching will be done after the fact, so that you may not rely upon an armchair Rommel to help you play your game. For this service, the use of the Aide De Camp 2.0 or Vassal software program will be required for the play of your games.

7.    Playing Aides. The Aide De Camp 2 and Vassal Play By Email Programs are exceptional tools for your email play. It enables play of the game without setting up the game, and it eliminates a great deal of paperwork. The time and errors eliminated will more than pay for the cost of the program. For information, look on Consimworld under PBeM..

8.    Round 1 Schedule: See Tournament specific instructions.

9.    Time Limits: Four months are allocated for the first round. At the specified tournament round end date, all ongoing games will be adjudicated by the Rules Panel. Players who spend excessive time on their moves, thus holding up the game, may be eliminated at the adjudication deadline regardless of the tactical situation. Dated email records should be maintained by the players.

10.    Click for BPA Classics Afrika Korps   BPA Afrika Korps PBeM Procedure

11.    Illegal Moves: Click for BPA Classics  BPA Classics PBeM Error Resolution

12.    Rules Disputes & Errata: All disputes or questions about the game rules are to be directed to the Gamemaster. The GM will then solicit the Rules Panel for a decision. No rules panel member may deliberate on a matter involving a match in which they are playing.

13.    Play Aid Discrepancies: If any discrepancies are observed between the physical and electronic equivalents of the map, the physical component takes precedence.

14.    Tournament Status. Game status information for all games and matches will be posted regularly. Players will be able to assess their progress versus that of the entire field by checking this website. The GM will request turn and game status data periodically. Players should respond to the GMs requests immediately. Routine or end of turn status reports will not be required.

15. Gamemaster: Bruno Sinigaglio. 

16 Rules Panel: Randy Heller, Bruno Sinigaglio, Ed Menzel, Jonathan Lockwood, Vince Meconi and Bert Schoose.


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